John Philip Sousa Award

Since 1954 thousands of high schools have honored their top band students with the John Philip Sousa Award. The pinnacle of achievement in a high school band program, the Sousa Award recognizes outstanding dedication and superior musicianship. The award has become a nationwide symbol of excellence in musical achievement.

The John Philip Sousa Award annually honors our most deserving band member. The John Philip Sousa Award recognizes superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty and cooperation. In short, the qualities directors strive to develop in all students.


  • Four-year member of the band program.
  • Served at least one year as both section leader and band officer.
  • Outstanding musicianship and ability.
  • Extreme dedication to the band program.
  • Demonstrations of personal and professional qualities including citizenship, dependability, strong leaderships skills and contributions above and beyond the call of duty to the band.
  • The highest combined points for their four years.  

We are proud of these outstanding students:

Juan Flores

Enrique Martinez

David Polanco

Jacob Robles