The Braves’ Entertainment Corps provides an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for music and encourages the skills and discipline necessary for achieving musical excellence throughout a lifetime of experiences. Students can learn the importance of a cooperative team effort while working with fellow members to accomplish the shared goals of the program. Music students have fun meeting new friends and traveling to new and exciting places. In addition, the program challenges students in areas of personal growth and musicianship.


Band Camp 2018 is July 30 – August 9 It’s time for the Braves’ Entertainment Corps Band Camp! Band Camp will be held from July 30 – August 9, and…

Thank You for Support!

Thank you to all the parents, families and friends of the Braves’ Entertainment Corps who came out to volunteer or purchased fireworks at our booth. Our Fireworks Booth was a…

TNT Fireworks Fundraiser

Attention Braves’ Entertainment Corps families and supporters! It’s time to kick off our annual TNT Fireworks fundraiser! For the last several years, the Baldwin Park Band Boosters have been the…

Charms Office Assistant

The Braves’ Entertainment Corps will begin using CHARMS Office Assistant, a management program for musical ensembles to manage student information, calendar, uniform assignments, financial records, chaperones, and much more.  In order…

Braves’ Entertainment Corps calendar is updated regularly and contains all practice and show dates, as well as booster meeting and event dates.

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