33rd Annual Baldwin Park Field Tournament – This Saturday 10/19/19!

This is a big week as we prepare for Saturday’s 33rd Annual Baldwin Park Field Tournament! It’s a huge undertaking with 27 bands on the show roster – we need all hands on deck to make this a success! If you have not signed up to volunteer for a shift, please contact one of the Band Boosters or simply go to the online Calendar (found under Events) and ‘click’ on the colorful hand for Oct 19th to sign up today! 

Band Boosters:

Blanca, Booster President – (626) 494-1017

Lilia, Booster Vice-President – (626) 622-3733

Stephanie, Booster Treasurer – (323) 354-9481

Field Tournament Donations:

Please make sure you’ve turned in your field show donations whether food items by section or $25 cash. Please make sure you get the exact brand and size/ounces listed. DONATION DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, OCT. 15TH AT THE END REHEARSAL.  BOOSTERS WILL BE AT THE FOOTBALL FIELD PARKING LOT COLLECTING DONATIONS FROM 7:45PM UNTIL THE END OF REHEARSAL.  The detailed Donation List can be found by clicking the link below:



We will be setting up for the field tournament from 8:00AM-11:30AM. Bands start arriving as early as 11:00AM, gates will open at 11:30AM, concessions opens at 11:30AM and the first band performs at 12:15PM. 

We will need all students and parent volunteers immediately following awards to help with clean up. Students will not be dismissed until all is clean and put away. Thank you for your cooperation!!

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